Our Design Work

Corporate Identity and Branding

With projects completed for a range of businesses, browse through the slide show of branding developed by lead designer Nik Kiss.

  • Falmouth Boat Trips Branding.
  • Avante Garde Patisseri Branding.
  • Northside Renovations Branding.
  • Carousel Candy Branding and business cards.
  • Lease & Go Legal, branding and business card designs.
  • Planson Property Management.
  • Branding Design for Green Squares.
  • Milton Edge branding and designs.
  • Technicool's design and branding.

Event Posters & Competition Entries

Designs used in event posters for several organisations and design competition entries.

  • Wagamama Design Competition Entry.
  • Camborne Flower Show.
  • Summershow posters for Exeter University.
  • Summershow posters for Cornwall College.

Magazines and Brochures

A series of books, pamphlets and brochures by Nik through his work at Westminster Print and freelance.

  • Magazine design for T2design.
  • Australian Journal of Outdoor Education Design work.
  • BP Design and layouts.
  • Report summaries for Blue Care.
  • Design and Layouts for Krucible Metals Ltd.
  • University of Queensland portfolio.
  • Social Manuals and Layouts.
  • Work for Pacific Niugini.